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Air conditioner Samsung Wind Free Comfort 6,8 kw
  • Air conditioner Samsung Wind Free Comfort 6,8 kw
  • Air conditioner Samsung Wind Free Comfort 6,8 kw
  • Air conditioner Samsung Wind Free Comfort 6,8 kw
  • Air conditioner Samsung Wind Free Comfort 6,8 kw
  • Air conditioner Samsung Wind Free Comfort 6,8 kw

Air conditioner Samsung Wind Free Comfort 6,8 kw

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What is Wind Free Technology?

In Samsung's air conditioners with Wind Free Technology, air is gently and evenly distributed throughout the room through 23,000 micro-holes. This helps maintain a comfortable level of coolness without draughts.

Uniform coolness without changing settings

Samsung air conditioners with Wind Free technology have a two-stage mode that changes automatically. The desired temperature is quickly reached in the fast cooling mode and then maintained in the wind-free cooling mode.

Energy savings up to 68

Digital Inverter 8-Pole technology uses only 32% of the energy consumed by conventional models. It maintains the desired temperature without switching the unit on and off frequently, making the air conditioner quieter, more robust and more efficient.

Instant cooling

It cools the whole room quickly, so it's always comfortable. Digital Inverter 8-pole technology cools air 43% faster, and the triangular shape helps deliver cool air further and wider.

Full control anytime, anywhere

Control via WiFi with the Smart Home app

Thanks to the Smart Home application via WiFi, it is possible to remotely control the air conditioner's functions and schedule its operation. The application informs the user about the operation of the air conditioner and enables monitoring and reduction of energy consumption.

A peaceful sleep

The Good Sleep function ensures a good night's sleep

The Good-Sleep night mode with the Wind-Free function creates ideal conditions for a peaceful sleep without cold air. The temperature control in the Wind-Free function helps the user to fall asleep faster, to get into a deep sleep as well as to wake up fully refreshed.

Wind-Free ensures a peaceful sleep for you and your child

Limits the presence of very fine dust by more than 99% - Very wide PM2.5 filter

Tiny dust particles can enter the lungs. The PM2.5 filter keeps the air clean and captures 99% of the very fine dust within 100 minutes. The filter covers 100% of the air intake, so all the air flowing through the air conditioner is filtered.

Quick and easy cleaning Easy Filter Plus filter

The Easy Filter Plus filter is located on the outside of the air conditioner, at the top, so it is easy to retrieve, clean and reattach without having to open the housing. An antibacterial coating on the filter traps dust, impurities and allergens from the air.

Stable, long-term operation - Triple Protector Plus technology

Thanks to Triple Protector Plus technology, the air conditioner can operate even under the most difficult environmental conditions. This technology prevents overload without a separate voltage stabiliser*. In addition, the air conditioner has an anti-corrosion coating and can operate even under very difficult conditions.


Data sheet

Area Of The Room (Up To), M2
Working Temp. Range For Heating
-15~24 ℃
Working Temp. Range For Cooling
-10~46 ℃
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