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Heat pump service throughout Latvia

Heat pumps are a popular choice for our customers. One unit can heat, cool and prepare hot water. Compensation is also provided for the replacement of an old furnace with a heat pump, during which up to 70% of the eligible costs can be obtained. More about support in 2022 and conditions can be found at

Warranties for heat pump equipment and installation work are only valid if the heat pump is inspected annually and the unit is operated correctly. Maintenance can be performed by any authorized manufacturer's representative.

SIA SM global is Samsung's official sales and service representative in Latvia. Make sure the heat pump meets all your family's needs!

APPLICATION FOR THE SERVICE by phone: +371 29751047

Air conditioners should be serviced as needed. For example. the first inspection could be 1 year after installation, the second in 2 years. Of course, it should not be forgotten to clean the indoor unit filters at least once a month, which "catch" the dust in the room. The guarantee would not be valid if the machine were seen completely unattended by visiting technicians.
After concluding a maintenance contract, we will react to damage and make sure that your power system starts operating as soon as possible.
Qualified specialists throughout Latvia will repair damage to heat pumps within 24 hours. or as soon as they receive the missing parts from the manufacturers' warehouses abroad.
We are the official representatives of the manufacturers of heat pumps and solar electrical components. We have the original parts needed for repairs in our warehouse or we can get them very quickly.